Vocal Coach

My teaching philosophy is to provide you with a supportive and positive environment to allow you to make changes in your vocal technique and style as quickly as possible. I use simple directives without excessive verbal direction because sometimes you just need to “wait for the bus.”

Although I’m classically trained with a Masters in voice and believe in using some aspects of the classical technique for a strong and solid base from which to develop, I also believe that you should be able to study the material that most interests you! I use non-classical repertoire (sometimes referred to as CCM, or contemporary commercial repertoire) and because of my love and interest in singing and performing jazz and blues, much material is derived from those genres. I use musical theatre a great deal too because some of those melodies are just too gorgeous to ignore.

In addition to vocal technique and relaxation methods, I also work with you on rhythm, harmony, theory, and general musicality. It’s OK to have great technique … well, it’s great to have great technique … but if it’s only technique that you have, and no concept of the music underlying the words, then you’re not even half-way there! I want my students to be complete musicians, not “just singers.” Technique and knowledge without passion is boring, but passion without technique and knowledge is just plain embarrassing! Don’t be embarrassed…don’t be passionless!

If you wish, you can work toward Royal Conservatory exams, Conservatory Canada exams, competitions, or not. It’s up to you. It’s also up to you to pick up that phone and call me so that you can begin to discover what your voice can do.

Check out my Workshop Page for information on summer workshops with Glennis and colleague Rita DiGhent of Toronto. And while you are at it check out what people have said about my teaching!